E.P.S Bullets

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30BR Bat Action 17 Bartlein Leupold 45                Harrell's Tuner

Specializing in custom hand swaged precision benchrest bullets for short and long range.


E.P.S Bullets

It is important that the purchaser or end user of my bullets measure their loaded round to make sure that they have enough neck clearance for their chamber. My bullets along with most custom bullets are made with a large pressure ring.

Example with photos to the right, you can see a average .330nk setup. If you turn 0.010 per side end up at 0.020+0.3086=0.3286 loaded round in a .330nk chamber very tight.

Example my 116gr 30 cal bullet measures .3086 at the pressure ring. So I turn my brass to 0.0095 a side which gives me 0.019+0.3086=0.3276 loaded round measurement in a .330nk chamber, plenty of clearance.

Example photos to the right----------------->

If you choose to turn to 0.010 per side that gives you 0.020+0.3086=0.3286 total loaded round measurement which is very tight. The reason I turn for more clearance is for safety and with some reamers not cutting a true .330nk chamber or carbon build up, leaves the possibility of a near zero clearance which is obviously dangerous and is detrimental to accuracy.

So please take the time and responsibility to always measure all your components whether they are my products or anyone elses to make sure you are using a safe setup.